• Highly absorbent, quick-drying

    The diatomaceous earth is made from is quick to absorb moisture then evaporates this as quickly.

  • Improved durability, does not bend

    Recycled paper is added with the diatomaceous earth for compactness of the stone bath mat, preventing it from easy breakage and warping.

  • Includes anti-slip mat & grit sanding tool

    The thick anti-slip mat prevents sliding of the stone bath mat, while the grit sanding tool helps remove tough water stains.

Here it is in action...

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What sets Nordic Hues apart from other home decor brands?

Nordic Hues specializes in minimalistic, high-quality decor that epitomizes the elegance and functionality of Scandinavian design. Unlike typical brands, we focus on crafting unique, durable pieces that elevate living spaces into serene and sophisticated environments.

How can I select the right Nordic Hues products for my home?

Explore our exclusive collection here or on our Amazon storefront to find decor that matches your style and needs. Each piece is designed to serve a functional purpose while enhancing your space's overall ambiance.

What is the return policy for Nordic Hues products?

We offer a 30-day return policy for all our items. If a product does not meet your expectations or fit your space, you can return it within 30 days for a refund or exchange, ensuring each piece you purchase enhances your home.

How does Nordic Hues ensure the quality and uniqueness of its products?

Each product adheres to the stringent principles of Scandinavian design, emphasizing quality, durability, and minimalistic elegance. Our carefully curated collection guarantees that each item is not only long-lasting but also distinctively designed to reflect your home's character.